A&A Management Group

About Us

Our Story

A&A Management Group launched in 2012 as a talent management firm with a focus on branding and public relations management. During the 2012 NFL season, A&A Management Group entered the industry with an inaugural roster that included Chimdi Chekwa of the Miami Dolphins and other NFL players. The following season, A&A Management Group achieved breakout success after signing Pro Bowl tight end Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs.

A&A Management Group has continued to broaden its
reach by including other professional athletes in its family ranging from the NBA to the U.S Women’s National Volleyball Team. Since the first season, A&A Management Group has introduced a cadre of services to meet the needs of professional athletes, including but not limited to nonprofit management, business management, concierge services, and licensing.


Our mission is to create and capitalize on opportunities for professional athletes to build a strong personal brand and maximize each clients’ value personally and professionally.


A&A Management Group seeks to ensure all athletes have the opportunity to build a legacy that encompasses outstanding achievements not only in sports, but in all areas of their lives.


Our goal is to guide our athletes on a path to personal and professional success. With loyalty, honesty, and respect, our purpose is to advise them in using their platforms to achieve their ultimate objective both on and off their respective playing field.